Saturday, June 30, 2007

We Are The Champions

I am sick of Indians being divided. Religion, caste, genetics, people have tried to divide us based on some criteria ever since we saw Invaders. I must admit the social evil that is the caste system, was predominantly of Indian origin, and we have no one but ourselves to blame. However those are evils within our community and do no give a third person sufficient right to attempt to internally set things straight. The western “developed” world has always attempted to show how primitive we Indians are, and any signs of original and indigenous thought was of course thanks to cultural invasion from Europe, via the Aryan race.

Ever since I was taught in school, of how Aryans came down from Turkey and settled in India, the suspicion has raged in my mind. How authentic are these “facts”? They seem prejudiced in their attempt to search for the truth, and the british desire to colonize India is sufficient motive. Ever since independence, Indians have had the “fact” thrust upon them that we are the product of a far greater civilization. A civilization that thinks the earth was created a few millennia ago, a civilization that did not know of the decimal number system until AD, one whose greatest thinkers, Pythagoras, Aristotle were pre-dated in thought by the far more ancient Vedas.

I could go on, for something so fallacious will obviously provide enough proof to indicate the truth. However, it suffices to say, it is easier to post some youtube video, where much of the hard work has already been done. In conclusion, all you Aryan supremists and british and western civilization mother fuckers can rot in hell. We were always better than you in our ability to think and that is something that you have not the courage to accept. Not then, not now. Grow the fuck up. Anything you guys did, we did before you’ll. We discovered Pi, irrational numbers, infinity, zero before you’ll. Bow to your gods, because the gods that you seek, was just a far more intellectually superior “invader” in the form of Indians.

And to the Indians, stop the nonsensical North vs. South debate. The seed of doubt was planted by those racially inferior bastards with a superiority complex that only an inferior man can have. So in conclusion, what Indian archaeologists are trying to do, is try to irradicate the Aryan/Dravidian divide that exists in India. The next time someone calls you Dravidian or Aryan, have the fucking balls to tell them off.

I realise with all the "busy" people these days, they won't have enough time to watch the following videos. But if you do, you'll know I am right.


Simply Luna-tik ! said...

Yeah I din't watch the time....but u r right in your own way...!!!

I think we shouldn't be showing someone as inferior just to prove ourselves superior...

But, the truth is we are still behind these people lest our glorious past....

Though, it's been only 60 years since our independence..I still believe we could have done better considering our ability...!!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, I agree wth pretty much al ur saying. This whole Aryan-Dravidian concept has always left me perplexed, as it seems a hige simplification of the geneological heritage of modern day if there is an invisible line down the middle, and everyone north of it is of Aryan descent and south of it from dravidian de'scent.

Just google "Aryan Dravidian" and you'll find enough sites that lend credence to the thought that Aryan Invasion Theory has been discredited. I couldn't find one single site that actually provided genuine academic and archaelogical proof of there ever being a so called Aryan race. My summary from research on this topic:

1] There is no archaelogical or scientifuc proof there ever having been a group of people who moved en masse to the subcontinent around 1500 BC, which is when the Aryans supposedly came to the subcontinent.

2] There is no proof whatsoever that the indegenous civilisation/s around 1500 BC were INVADED and conquered. I.e. there is no proof of any violence, blood shed etc.

3] The word Aryan or Arya in sanskrit is used to refer to the quality of goodness, of having honour, of having dharma. Thats why Ram was called an Atryan king...not cos he was of Aryan descent, but cos he was considered to be the embodiment of idealness, just as Sita was considered to be the very embodiment of the perfect women, daughter, wife, monther, sister, sister-in-law. There is proof of kings from southern kingdoms as well as in chinese kingdoms being referred to as Aryan, on account of their honourable rule, nature etc.

4] Any of the regional variances btwn northern and southern india that have so far been attributed to thsi Aryan-Dravidian concept, can easily be explained by logical scientific factors. Fact - there are more fair skinned people in the northern part of india than in the south....that is more cos of climatic and geographical reasons. It is a natural occurance that as one lives closer to the equator the skin gets darker and the body frame smaller. is only the north-west of the country where we have predominantly fairer skinner people....places like Bihar, Bengal, Gujrat, UK have a relatively equivalent mix of fair, wheatish and dark skinned people. The north-west of the subcontinent (punjab, himachal, kashmir, pakistan) has seen immense inter-mingling of bloodlines between the indegenous indians and the invading greeks, mughals, persians etc....this explains the higher incidence of fair skin, larger body frames and slightly central asian features among people from this region of the sub-continent. If there really was a drastic geneological difference between people from north and south (such as what the Aryan-Dravidian theory suggests) then we would not have as much commonality in physical features as we actually that many people from the south are just as tall, fair skinned etc as people from any part of the north..and vice versa.

5] The northern part of the country has different religious architecture to the southern and north-eastern areas....mostly cosof the influence of islam. Likewise with food, langage variances.

6] Sanskrit existed as language way way way before the supposed Sryans came to the sub-continent and imparted the vedic language andculture to the indegenous dravidians. Enough scientific proof has been found that the vedic civilisations existed far far before 1500 BC, suggesting that pretty much all of hinduism was already well established ages before any suppoosed invasion by the alleged Aryans.

It was the brits who spread the theory of Aryan-Dravidian in spread divide among the northern and southern people. It also fell in line with the attitudes of racial superiority that were supported by the europeans, whereby they considered fair skinned people to be superior to darker people. Hitler was the one who popularised the belief that fair skinned people, like the europeans stemmed from a superior race called the Aryans...and the brits applied that theory to India...and exxtrapolated to claim that as the northern part of the country has more fair skinned people, they must have stemmed from an Aryan descent, as opposed to being from an indegenous stock.Utter and absolute propoganda and rubbish.

Summary - all of the subcontinent comprised an indegenous dravidian opulation. Of course, regional variances were always there and that is expected....the subcontinent was a reasonably large land mass. The vedic civilisations were developed in the subcontinent thousands of years ago, including sanskrit. Centuries of invasions by central asians and greeks have vastly affected the bloodlines in the north-western part of the sub-continent.

The Depressed Doormat said...

@anonymous: That was pretty much the point of the post. However, my problem with the aryan-dravidian theory is far from academic (though I do follow it from time to time). My problem is with Indians allowing themselves to fall prey to these practices. Its just a systematic "divide and rule" principle that the british employed and the aryan-dravidian divide was their first attempt at it, followed by the more successful Hindu-Islam divide.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.