Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hit and Why Bother Run

Is the latest Alistair Pereira “hit and run” case a failure of the Indian judicial system, the judicial executives, the media or the Indian public? Whichever one it might be, the picture is clear. India is not a developing country. We are a rapidly deteriorating, inadequate, impotent society, a virus, unworthy of our ancestors.

No matter how economically self-sufficient India gets, which it has in the past decade, these are the true indicators to a developed country and a socially conscious society. India 2020, Mr. Kalam, and Mr. Manmohan Singh (I refuse to call them Dr., as I consider that to be a title befitting people of distinguished character) will in 2050 continue to remain a 200-odd paged book of utopian face-in-the-sand optimism.

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Pri said...

I knew you would write a post on this isuue. It is indeed very saddening to see such impudent, negligent attitude amongst Indian teenagers. They are supposedly India's pillars and its future. I am petrified to even think about India's plight in the hands of such heedless individuals.

On a more specific note, this incident shows the "trend" of "rich" and irresponsible youth. What they did, is unjustifiable. Moreover, they don't think they did anything wrong??!! Sigh, I think such insolent behaviour is unpardonable.

Carelessness is inexcusable, and merits the inevitable sequence.

- James Anthony Froude