Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Victory is OURS!

Newsflash: India proves Gandhi's last letter is Legally ours. Fuck you pommies.

The Indian government gets possession of a letter written by Mahatma Gandhi, which was originally due for auction in London on Tuesday.

British auction house Christie's called of the auction after the letter was withdrawn by its owner.

The move followed when it was established that the actual ownership of the letter was with the Navjiwan Trust in Ahmedabad.

Gandhi wrote the letter 19 days before he was assassinated by a Hindu activist in Delhi in 1948.

In the handwritten letter published in the journal Harijan, Gandhi pleaded for tolerance towards Muslims and also advocated the importance of Urdu.


Yeah, you guessed right. I'm fucking ecstatic.

Two down, 60,776,238 to go.


bhavna said...

Are they doin' anything about the Kohinoor diamond as well?!!1 :P

daydreamingoracle said...

yeah! joy! now all are problems will be solved! yeah! hurray! this manuscript will solve all are problems! :D

yeah rite!

The Depressed Doormat said...

this wont... its a small step. read the last line :P