Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pradhan Mantri Mayawati

Yes, India is a technical superpower. We are The IT nation. Our IT services are so brilliant that American companies outsource these jobs in spite of the negative publicity it generates. So wonderful are they that they are a 6 billion dollar industry, contributing to over 7 percent of our GDP and 35% of our exports.

Apparently there aren’t any BSP supporters who can code. No, they can’t hire our wonderful IT professionals and programmers to build themselves a functioning website. Wait a minute, dalits can’t read, can they? That must be it; they are so impoverished and illiterate that a website would serve no purpose!


skepchick said...

Had to wiki this up, but the BSP website is http://www.bahujansamajp.com/ and not http://bspparty.com/

The Depressed Doormat said...

Well, that is a news site and doesnt have any BSP info on it.

Also if you select the text below the banner you shall find this:

"Free, News, Legal, Prizes, Download, News Letters, Schools, Colleges, Sex, Photogallery, Wallpapers, Media, Bollywood, Crime, Actress, Customs, Money laundering, Notifications, Crime, sports"